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Johnny Knives Offical Flaming Wallet - Real Flames !!!! !
  • Johnny Knives Offical Flaming Wallet - Real Flames !!!! !

    Blow minds with the Official Johnny Knives Flaming Wallet. Best wallet you will ever own!! Have you ever heard of a fire wallet? Imagine opening your wallet to pay a bill or give our your business card and your wallet erupts into a roaring fire. Yes, a real flaming wallet. Not a light show or a trick but a real flaming hot fire you can use to light your cigarette or cigar! Just as quickly as the inferno appears it vanishes from sight as the flaming wallet is closed. The people around you will be stunned and amazed leaving you standing at attention holding your business card. Its hard to describe just what an amazing impression this make on people. They might not leave believing in magic but you are guaranteed to be remembered forever! Get you flaming wallet today !!!!

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