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KCI .45 ACP 26-Round Polymer Magazine for Glock 21, 30, and 41 Pistols

KCI .45 ACP 26-Round Polymer Magazine for Glock 21, 30, and 41 Pistols

Why should only 9mm Glock® shooters get to double their firepower? KCI’s 26-round Glock® 21 magazine gives you twice the number of rounds of .45 ACP as the standard factory mag. OK, it does stick out more from the magwell, but how much can you complain when precious range time is interrupted less often to change mags?

Built to the same specs as your OEM mags, KCI 26-rd Glock® 21 magazine is perfect for competition prep, tactical drills, and other fast shooting applications. Polymer and steel construction (same as factory mags) stands up to rough use, while the tempered chrome silicon spring keeps the round stack moving smoothly and reliably above the polymer follower during those long days at the range.

2x the capacity of original full-cap factory mag

Factory-style polymer body with stainless steel reinforcing sleeve inside

Easy-to-remove baseplate

Handy witness holes

Accepts magazine accessories that fit factory mags

The folks at KCI tell us these Glock 21 magazines might need to be put through several load/unload cycles before they will accept their full 26-round capacity. Try loading a mag to half capacity and leaving overnight to start breaking in the spring and make future loading easier.

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